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The Hong Kong Society (HKS) of CIOL was established in 1984. It is committed to promoting professional language use in Hong Kong. It organizes professional development functions for local members, and publishes a newsletter and an academic journal.


HKS welcomes birds of the same feather joining it as members.

On admission, Fellows, Members and Associates of CIOL may

become members. Members can vote at General Meetings of HKS

and can hold office on its Executive Committee.

CIOL qualifications are internationally recognized. For example,

using the MCIL qualification, a large number of members in Hong

Kong have successfully entered postgraduate study programmes in

local and overseas universities. The Civil Service Bureau of the Hong

Kong SAR Government and its subvented bodies have also considered MCILs, on the basis of the Final Diploma in English and Chinese or International Diploma in Bilingual Communication , favourably for certain degree-entry civil service grades in specialized fields for which language skills in English are one of the requirements. The Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) is a popular international CIOL examination. DipTrans is recognized to be a qualification at master’s degree level. Members of the public may apply to the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority to sit for the examinations.

The Chartered Linguist qualification was officially launched in Hong Kong on 13th November 2010. Local language educationalists, translators and interpreters, and those language professionals working in business, professions and government, who can demonstrate the highest levels of language skill, professionalism and competence, and commitment to the continuing professional development, can apply for the status. For the professional linguists, the chartered status is a mark of recognition and a valuable marketing tool in an increasingly competitive global business environment.


Further information on the qualification and the application procedures can be found at the following webpage:

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